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we found that many of

Le 10 January 2015, 07:13 dans Humeurs 0

starting your work network or paper. Currently the main list of books in paper-based, emphasis on traditional literature, this is the difference.Why make Internet writer list, because we found that many of the traditional network creators writers dismissive, which is considered fast food literature. But from another persp   nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 onlineective, why these "fast food" hits the million who read these works, they derive what  All we need to summarize the problem.Ten years ago published a post on the Internet, could only have been incorporated into the books, but today it may be adapted into games, movies, animation and even around the various products. Internet writers list is to take public opinion into these emerging creators focus, so that we understand their environment.Global Times: Some people say that the era of mobile phones in the network kidnapped reading, do you agree with this statement Wu Huaiyao: I do not think the phone kidnapped reading, on the contrary, is to embrace the network era literature. A paper book market, from the Treasury to wholesalers layers go down, at least half the time, and the network just for a second book. This trend is

unstoppable. We do not lament, doubt, but how to borrow this platform to work more spread out. This is the right way. Someday, all writers are likely to become the main standings network of writers, because the online reading experience has been good enough.In the current main chart, children's book writer, a high ranking, because the big people think e-books for kids eyes hurt to read paper books, so there is still much room for paper books.    Every time I see children's author list, I would think this is a very good sign. Once a person from childhood reading habits, his life, the mind will not be lonely.Global Times: 2014 devaluation star writer you list, including both large S also Kai-fu Lee, Ni Ni, and Han also called "Reading Ambassadors." Some people think this is grandstanding. Do you think the stars to give Chinese people's reading what Wu Huaiyao: Writersnike lebron soldier 8 online standings absolutely no literary entertainment. Definition of the star should not confined to the entertainment, all walks of life star, but his professional achievements obscured his writing talent. Star to write a book in China for almost 10 years, to the focus

 on the phenomena of the time. And we need to lend their influence to promote reading, they are happy to get the opportunity to openly approached the literature, such as Han participate in this event is not to accept any reward."Reading Ambassador" of the identity of the star is also an incentive, because he was worried about the next media asked, "What have you been reading the book." And he probably embarrassed recommend "roadside book", but will carefully select some quality books. From this perspective, the battle to play a pop star is "holding the hilt," the power of the TV series "Legend of the Wu Mei Niang" "cut chest" after re-broadcast, there joking with friends and asked: "Where is Grandma went to the" Things tend to be East  Corner err, Sangyu get it on the network, a universal "Datang career line" brain supplement sport is booming expanded historical knowledge, users are avidly collected, posted artwork in the Tang Dynasty low cut pictures, Tang and the eclectic sentence, imagine an open mind Datang weather, even some less concerned weekdays known history of big V is high-minded talk about Tang's chest and come.Historical imagination of many people, but the reality is the reverse mirror image of it. They love to quote the famounike air max 95 shoess Lu Xun ridiculed today's "moralists":. "Saw short sleeves, white Bibo immediately thought, and immediately thought of the whole naked" but in reality, they are the object of criticism and they thought the same, but in the

groups fought the mob

Le 10 January 2015, 07:11 dans Humeurs 0

arrogance, against the common enemy, rushed with a resolute struggle; there is a suspicious person, alert disposal, timely reporting, for cracked, smashed fear of gang violence cases provide clues. The emergence of a number of bold same molecular resolute struggle against terrorist violence, successfully captured or assist the police cracked the violent terrorist gang of criminals advanced people and groups. Shache County, "8.19" groups fought the mob story reflects the courage to people of all nationalities in Xinjiang lawless mob fight with nobnike kobe 8 cheap   le sentiments and the quality of justice.    Regional Vice Chairman, Public Security Minister Zhu Changjie at the awards ceremony that the Party committees and governments should take a variety of forms, and further stimulate the sense of honor and pride courageous, inspire the masses to consciously with endangering national collective interests and the people's lives property security acts struggle to learn the spirit of courageous heroes and models into a higher starting point to promote the autonomous special action to crack down on terrorist violence, let the fear of violence molecular nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, maintain social stability and long-term stability of a strong career spiritual power. At the same time to increase the intensity of moral

condemnation of public opinion and point out that "courageous glory, see justice is not shameful" concept popular, so rousing, helping others become common practice in the whole society.Zhu Changjie stressed courageous work of agencies at all levels to actively explore, research, and develop in line with the new normal, adapt to the new situation and new tasks courageous work mechanism required by law to protect thenike lebron 11 mens  legitimate rights and interests of courageous officers, staff and families to care for courageous, increasing the Special Care courageous efforts sacrifice disabled persons wounded, giving the policy, funding, treatment more inclined to help them peace of mind, so that they feel the warmth of the party and the government, feel the love of the community, feel courageous valuable value.Vice Chairman of Pakistan on behalf of the autonomous region, China Samaritan Foundation, Ministry of Public Security named in recognition of the relevant leaders attended the meeting. After the meeting, China Samaritan Foundation, regional leaders and over the years won the national recognition of the sacrifices, the disabled and the difficulties of life in our region seven courageous and exemplary representative and their families in a meeting and issued condolences to Kim. According to US media reports, due to snow

anKarissa Grandine) was found drowned in the bathtub, when she was five months pregnant. Autopsy found her blood had sedatives. Her husband Ge Landi initially charged with first-degree murder, the jury ultimately convicted him of manslaughter.During the trial, the prosecution alleged that the former pastor Ge Landi intent to kill his wife in order to be able to continue with his followers a love affair. Last night, Daye police caught a thief, he was 34 pounds of copper ore will wrap up with a cloth wrapped around the waist in an attempt to escape the check, because I did not expect too thick waist Lule Xian.10 o'clock that night, a large metallurgical Lake police station in the area to patrol comes under Daye Nonferrous Tonglushan copper ore mining area the night shift, the miners have come from the wellhead. Suddenly, a man attracted the attention of police and mine security, he diminutive, but the waist is very thick, it is very inconsistent. After undressing examination, the police actually found in the men's 34 kg copper ore waist.Police investigation was informed that miners surnamed Xiao, 30-year-old, who attended one of Sichuair jordan 11 retro  an Teachers College, and passed the diploma. Xiaomou originally planned to be a teacher, but has not admitted to Teacher, thus working out with her father. In Tonglushan copper ore, Xiaomou dedicated equipment maintenance.Xiaomou account of the night he go down to the worker for advice on how to open the mining machine, saw a large shining