eye in the current round of market logic of the sharpest rise in the financial weight plates, in addition to underestimate the value of state-owned enterprise reform and stocks can continue to hold.Guangzhou Bandung think the stock will face a test next week, or even the beginning of the possibility of covering the gap. But the longer view, this wave is not over signs. After experiencing the index finishing stage, picked up in the way expected CNR net Beijing January 10, according to Voice of China "News" reported that the show's main character was supposed to be the car, but in recent years, often scantily clad Cars "distracting", a gimmick to attract attention. It is undeniable that thnike lebron soldier 8 cheape car models wearing too revealing, is not an isolated phenomenon show of the individual. Therefore, each time coincides with the opening of the show, will be the focus of media and public opinion seems to Cars excessive "exposure" problem.Yesterday (9) afternoon a message microblogging micro-channel widespread circle of friends, raised concerns that the content is "this year's Shanghai auto show canceled Cars." Prior to the show organizers had provisions: Cars prohibit wearing too revealing, but did not cancel the car model itself. If this news is true, does it mean that this year's Shanghai auto show car models will

not see it  Cars also canceled for what consideration Initially issued this message on the microblogging is public relations director Yang Xueliang, Geely Automobile, the reporter contacted Mr. Yang Xueliang, he told reporters:Yang Xueliang: We have not received formal written notice is called and we are responsible for the show's co-worker called and said: Motor can not arrange a car models.    Cars for the cancellation of this tnike air max 95 cheaphing while he also talked about his own views.Yang Xueliang: show itself should be an exchange of technology, explore trends, carry out such a platform of cooperation, the general audience is also possible to see, but can not say that the media day, a professional day, also made uproar, indeed the past few years there have been Some, particularly exposure to attract the eye, leading to the show every time, say the show became chest exhibition, which also really good, plus there are some security risks.In addition to Geely, there are media reports Changan Automobile and other enterprises also received the call, the news spread on the Internet, the Shanghai Auto Show also released an official response, respond in this

way: a good year Shanghai for further planning, organization, implementation of 2015 Auto return to the original meaning of the show, to better focus on the formation of automotive technology and products, development and innovation in the atmosphere, creating a culture of participation, visit the environment. Currently, the organizers are being sought opinions from all sides, consider taking some relevant improvement measures, such as the model does not exclude canceled.It seems that in order to resist the vulgar was out of this a trick by the end of November 2014 at the Guangzhou Auto Show, China Machinery Industry Federation, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Branch of the automotive industry, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automotive Engineering Society before the opening of the Guangzhou Auto Show jointly to the domestic auto show various organizational units, domestic and foreign exhibitors, the media and the community to make the initiative to eliminate excessive exposure to dress, to eliminate taste and vulgar behavior ambiguous indecent. Nevertheless, the Guangzhou Auto Show, or because some car models exposed traced the light, the Secretary-General on this China Association of Aair jordan 1 retro  utomobile Manufacturers Dong Yang has written that criticized the