wage of 3,000 yuan, 1,800 yuan 60%, 300% for 9000 yuan. In 1800 yuan local wage and salary workers less than workers in more than 9,000 yuan, payment is not in my base salary. Most workers are still pressing his salary as the base pay. I wage increases, the base pay rise.It is reported that many of the wages of workers can not reach the average wage, and with the average wage increases, base pay Sync "is rising" and become a burden. nike kobe 8 cheap   Reporters learned Earlier estimates show that the number is often higher than the average wage of the median wage, that some people actually below average wage salary. However, 60% of the average wage in society, most people can achieve. Especially in recent years, a large proportion of the country have to raise the minimum wage each year, the current minimum wage in many places have been close to 50% of the average wage. With the emergence of periodic shortages of labor, low wages of migrant workers around the other groups, which wage growth has accelerated in the first three quarters of last year, a 10% increase wages for migrant workers. Therefore, the majority of employees to participate in employee pension insurance, pension is paid according to my real wages.    For a small number of high income and low-income and minority workers, why according to base salary is higher

the US Energy Information Administration released on the 7th of last week, US crude oil production of 913 barrels daily, at a historic high. But low oil prices have begun to have a negative impact on US shale oil and gas industry. According to reports, the United States has recently been a shale oil companies filed for bankruptcy due to the difficult financial situation.As of the date of closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange, February 2015 delivery of light crude fell $ 0.43 to settle at $ 48.36 a barrel. February 2015 delivery of London Brent crude fell $ 0.85 to settle at $ 50.11 a barrel. Xinhua Dakar January 9 Power Praia news: Cape Verde National Civil Protection Bureau Arlindo Lima 9, said the country's 8th shipwreck occurred, killing one person died and 15 people missing .Lima said the ferry boat carrying 26 passengers and six containers in the waters from the Cape Verde island of Fogo sank about nike lebron 11 mens  3 nautical miles. Incident at sea bad weather, waves more than three meters, adverse weather conditions seriously affected the progress of the rescue work.Lima said that the rescue operation to get a Spanish helicopter support. This is the

fifth from the shipwreck occurred more than a year in Cape Verde. Tianshan News January 9, China Samaritan Foundation and autonomous commission for co-hosting the awards ceremony named in Urumqi, Shache County, Kashi Prefecture "8.19" fought the mob group was awarded the "China model courageous group" Honor .August 19, 2014, three carry a backpack, a long knife man appeared in over Moose Township, according to their  Shache County village suspiciously, causing vigilance 7 herdsmen, came when asked, three suddenly his sword attack. Herders and their courageous struggle, the mob attempted to escape Duolu, herders followed, when the continuous recovery of more than 20 kilometers, received a report of township officials and police after hearing the news, the ultimate success of all the thugs uniforms.Named in recognition of the General Assembly, 7 herders were given 20,000 yuan bonus, and awair jordan 11 retro  arded a certificate, medal.To attend the awards ceremony of the China Shun peach Samaritan Foundation executive vice president, said the recognition of being named Shache County, "8.19" fought the mob group, Samaritan Foundation was established in